Art at the "O"

     Hello to all the students and families who are reading this from home.  I hope you are all well and in good spirits.  I will be placing several resources that you can access to allow students to continue to create and practice their artistic skills from home.  If you don't have a resource or a material feel free to substitute your own!  You are the artist and you decide the outcome!  Please keep practicing and i  hope to see you all soon!

Art at Home:  Each week myself and the other specialist teachers will be providing an option board of activities for you to choose from for each subject.  Along with this will be a link to a Flipgrid section where we each discuss in depth what each activity is and how you can go about doing it from home.  Please keep in mind that if you don't have a certain material at your house, there is room for customization in each option that fits the materials you have available to you.  When you finish your option for the week you can post up your assignment and show it off to us in Flipgrid.

Office Hours:  I will have my email on my phone at all times so if there are any questions or concerns you can reach me via email or Microsoft Teams.  In addition to this i am also going to set my "official office hours" to be from 1 to 2 PM daily Monday to Friday.  I may still respond or address things outside of this time frame however I will set a no later than 4 PM rule.  I will address anything after 4 PM the following work day.

Mr. Moore's email- Moorebp@pwcs.edu

NGAkids Art Zone
National Gallery of Art's interactive offerings which feature  a variety of art-making tools

National Gallery of Art
Lesson plans and resources to adapt to online learning

eLearning Resources
Includes links and resources for visual art

Keith Haring Kids
Lesson plans, coloring books, etc.

School Specialty Lesson Plans
Large variety of lesson plans for all grade levels

Lesson plans for all ages; includes great ideas

80 art games for kids of all ages, art videos, blog, and more!

Incredible Art
Lesson plans, art media tutorials, games,  and online art activities 

Art for kids Hub
Draw along with the artist and his kids

If there are any questions about these activities feel free to reach out to me.

Mr. Moore

 "I am seeking,  I am striving, I am in it with all my heart."

- Vincent Van Gogh