Hello Readers and Writers! 
Welcome to Mrs. Lawson and Mrs. Hartung's webpage. We have added some helpful resources to help you keep reading and writing during this "break" from school. 

The most important thing you can do every day is read for 20 minutes and write. 

Epic! is a great website full of books that you can read: 


Login: hartunaa@pwcs.edu
Password: Books! 

Once you're in, 
1. click explore
2. change your grade level 
3. Read books that interest you 

Check out my Flipgrid for read alouds and writing lessons! 
Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind while you are practicing your reading: 


Make Predictions

· Look at the pictures. (Take a picture walk)
· What do you think the book is going to be about?
· While reading, revise the predictions or make new ones.


· While you read, imagine a story taking place as if it were a movie.


Ask and Answer Questions

Before reading, think about the subject based on the title, chapter heads, and visual information.

· While reading, pause and ask questions.

· Look for the answers while reading. Pause and answer your questions.

Retell and Summarize
· During reading, note the main ideas or events.
· At the ends of chapters or sections, review the information or story. Note main ideas or events and the details that support them.
· After reading, retell or summarize the text. Focus on the important points and support them with relevant details.
· Refer to the book to check the retelling or summarization.

Connect the Text to Life Experiences, Other Texts, or Prior Knowledge

· Is the subject familiar? Do the characters resemble familiar people? Have you learned about the concept from school, home, or other experiences?
· Is the style or genre familiar? Does it resemble other texts? Television shows, movies, and games can be considered "texts."