Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Drawing of a person reading a kind letter

I hope everyone is staying home and in good health. I dearly miss all of my students. I know that many of us are doing our best to get through these uncertain times. As students have had some time to adjust to this new normal, PWCS has suggested optional digital learning for students. Listed below is a brief overview of how fourth grade will move forward with digital learning. 

Parent and Student Contact:
I have been keeping in contact with students through Microsoft TEAMS and with parents via email. If you have not received any emails, please contact me as soon as possible.

Digital Learning and Weekly Schedule:
On the Files and Documents page, you will find a letter explaining how 4th Grade will continue with student learning in English and Spanish. On this page, you will also find the schedule for the week. We will follow this schedule for the rest of the school year.
Students will receive one hour of direct instruction with their teacher from 10 am - 11 am and will have office hours/provide support on assignments from 11 am - 12 pm.

An email has been sent to all parents and students with this information. 

Units Students Have Learned:

Science: Natural Resources, Weather, Ecosystems, Electricity, Earth, Moon, & Sun, Solar System

Math: Place Value, Rounding, & Addition/Subtraction, Foundations of Multiplication & Division, Geometry, Multiplication/Division, Patterns, Functions, & Algebra, Fractions

Social Studies: VA Geography, VA Native Peoples, Jamestown, Colonial Life, American Revolution, New Nation, Civil War, Reconstruction, 20th & 21st Century

Language Arts: Word Analysis, Author's Purpose, Main Idea/Details, Fact & Opinion, Inference/Drawing Conclusions, Nonfiction Text Features; Narrative Writing, Informative Writing, Persuasive Writing

Contact Information:

Twitter Icon@MissSantos_OCES