NearPod at Home

2nd Graders and 2nd Grade Parents, we, as a 2nd Grade Team, have decided to use NearPod as an excellent resource for your students to continue their learning at home. All of the NearPods we add to this page will be a review of content we have already learned in the classroom. When you click the hyperlink down below, the first box is where you will type in your name. It might say another name at first just delete that and put your own name to do the lesson.

As always please reach out to us with any questions you have. 

Math NearPod Links




Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour:

Telling Time to the 5 Minutes:

Subtraction with Regrouping Part 1:

Subtraction with Regrouping Part 2:

Addition with Regrouping:

Word Problems Matching:

Reading NearPod Links

Fact and Opinion:

Cause and Effect:

Text Features:

Context Clues:

Context Clues Matching:

Prefixes and Suffixes Matching:

Social Studies NearPod Links

Visit the Rocky Mountains:

Past and Present Matching:

Map Skills:

Science NearPod Links

States of Matter: